2011 Remembrance Ceremony

2011 Pet Remembrance CeremonyJuly 30, 2011 marked the third annual Companion Animal Remembrance Ceremony, and honored the beloved pets of approximately 140 attendees.

The typical agenda for the ceremony includes short speeches from a variety of people about pet loss and the celebration of the lives of cherished companion animals. We show a slideshow each year that features photos of the owner's choice of their lost pet(s), or something that evokes a happy memory of them and/or signifies the importance in our lives.

The ceremony began at 11 a.m. and included remarks from Marian Beck, Joelle Nielsen, Heidi Wagner and Drs. Sarah Barnard and Jen Brandt.

Following the speakers, the slide show played while owners wrote a message or prayer for their lost pets on a paper heart. Owners then respectfully hung their hearts on a Remembrance tree outside the Coffey Road entrance as bagpipes were played for the musical accompaniment.

Remembrance tree2011 remembrance ceremony







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