Pet Loss Hotlines and Online Resources

There are numerous resources for owners that are anticipating the loss, as well as support after the loss of a beloved animal.  These may include articles; blogs; lists of counselors, support groups or chaplains; as well as online chatrooms (for pet loss and/or anticipatory loss).  In order to help owners navigate the many resources available, we have compiled the following list, which is not inclusive.  We are unable to endorse specific resources, as we have no control over the services provided and no ability to verify the competence of the providers.
877-474-3310    ASPCA Grief Counseling Line; 
970-297-1242    Colorado State University
607-253-3932    Cornell University 
508-839-7966    Tufts University  
865-755-8839    University of Tennessee 
866-266-8635    Washington State University
The following two websites seem to be the most frequently updated with current information on counselors, support groups, etc.  The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement The Pet Loss Support Page Wings of Compassion  (avian, bird loss support) IAADP Assistance Dog Loss Committe