Honoring the Bond, Support for Animal Owners

The mission of Honoring the Bond is to recognize and honor the human-animal bond by providing support and resources to animal owners. 

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Pet Loss & Anticipatory Loss Resources:

Social Work services are available to clients of The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.   Our typical office hours are 8:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m, Monday - Friday. Examples of ways the social worker may help include:

  • Act as a liaison between the animal owner and veterinary medical team
  • Provide crisis intervention during difficult situations
  • Assist in processing difficult decisions (quality of life assessments, treatment decisions)
  • Be present before, during, and/or after euthanasia
  • Facilitate family discussions with children
  • Provide assessment and referral for further follow-up resources, such as
    • counselor/therapist referrals
    • pet loss support group referrals
    • book lists for anticipatory loss and/or pet loss

If you are currently in the VMC, you may ask a member of your pet's medical team or client services to call the Honoring the Bond program.

To contact a social worker, directly, you may also call (614) 247-8607 or e-mail at nielsen.19@osu.edu

Joelle Nielsen, Honoring the Bond program coordinator, speaks about the role of a Veterinary Social Worker in an academic Veterinary Medical Center.