Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this service work?

The Ohio State Diagnostic Imaging Service offers interpretation of digital imaging studies using VetRocket, an online Teleradiology portal. Typically, consultations received by 3 p.m. on an Ohio State business day will be interpreted that day. Those received after 3 p.m, and those received on weekends and holidays, will be reported the next business day. All images are evaluated by an Ohio State faculty radiologist and a report is sent to the referring veterinarian.

2. How do I submit a consultation?

Access to the Teleradiology portal requires a username and password.   Please call Radiology at 614-292-1040, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm EST, to set up a profile in the system.  Please allow 24 hours for profile creation.  Once you receive an email from with your clinic’s login information and an AE title and IP address to use to send your images, you will be able submit images and request an interpretation.

3. What types of images can I send?

The Ohio State Diagnostic Imaging Service can only receive DICOM images submitted to the VetRocket portal.  We cannot accept digital images by email or analog images by mail.

Please consult your IT professional if you are having difficulty transmitting images as we may be unfamiliar with your particular system.

4. What studies will you interpret?

We will interpret radiographs, computed tomography studies (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging studies (MRI). We do not provide consultations on ultrasound studies. Interpretation of ultrasound images is challenging due to the operator-dependent nature of ultrasonography. We can provide evaluation for AAHA certification.  You will need to provide us the forms required by mail or email.  Please call (614-292-1040) if you have an AAHA certification request.

5. How much does a teleradiology consultation cost?

Radiographic studies - $65

CT or MRI studies - $125

AAHA Radiographic Certification - $100 (Please be sure to include the AAHA forms found on their website.)

Equine Prepurchase studies - $125

6. How do I pay for this service?

Accounting will send out invoices the 5th business day of the month for all charges submitted the prior month (the 1st through end of month).  You can search VetRocket with any given date range and tally up the number of cases submitted to get an idea of your outstanding charges.  

Payment is expected within 30 days of billing. Interest of 1.75% per month (21% APR) will be assessed on all accounts with balances over 30 days.  Your service will be suspended if an invoice is not paid within 3 months.

For billing inquiries, please email the Accounting Department at Please be sure to include your first and last name, clinic name, animal name(s), and phone number.

7. How quickly will I get my report?

Consultation requests received:

On an Ohio State University business day before 3 p.m. EST – report before the end of the same business day.

On an Ohio State University business day after 3 p.m. EST– report before the end of the next business day.

On a weekend or holidays – report before the end of the next business day.

Finalized reports are emailed as a PDF and are available through the VetRocket portal.

8. Do you offer STAT consultations?

Unfortunately, due to our own busy caseload and unanticipated faculty commitments, we cannot offer or guarantee STAT interpretations.

9. What history information should I include?

You will notice that the History section consists of 5 prompts for specific information.  Our intent is to help streamline the history writing process and allow us to best help you.  Please do not copy and paste portions of the medical record into the History section. 

Presenting problem:  Why did the patient present to you?

Relevant clinical history: Important clinical history relevant to the presenting complaint or to the area imaged. 

Physical exam findings: Relevant physical examination findings related to the presenting complaint.

Current Management:  Any current therapy for the presenting complaint and any response to treatment.

Clinical question to be answered:  What is your clinical concern?  What are you hoping to rule in/out with the imaging study?

10. What about radiation safety?

At The Ohio State University, Veterinary Medical Center, we are committed to radiation safety and expect you to join us in observing safe imaging practices.  Visit Veterinary Radiation Safety Center sponsored by IDEXX to learn more about radiation safety.  Because we feel strongly about our commitment, we will not interpret images from clinics that have unshielded human hands in the primary beam or scatter radiation.  You will receive one warning and your service will be cancelled after the second violation.

11. How do I contact you with questions?

Call Radiology at 614-292-1040.

Email Accounting at Please be sure to include your first and last name, clinic name, animal name(s), and phone number.


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