Teleradiology Service

Please note:  At present, our teleradiology service is only accepting requests from Ohio-based practices. We apologize for any inconvenience to those outside of the state at this time. 

Teleradiology Consult FAQs

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Teleradiology Request Workflow 

The Teleradiology service available through the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) provides a faster means to get digital images to a radiologist for interpretation and back out to the practitioner to assist with case management. Most results are provided within 24 hours or less.

Ohio State's veterinary radiology department has been all digital since 2005; today, most veterinary practices are changing to all-digital radiology as well. With this new capability, images can be sent in advance of the appointment so they can be reviewed before the client arrives at the VMC. The files are DICOM files, which is an acronym for Digital Imaging in Communications and Medicine. Whether radiology, ultrasound, CT, MRI or nuclear medicine, all imaging can be transmitted in DICOM file format.

The teleradiology service enables the VMC's Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Oncology team to be more accessible to people and help with cases in a more timely manner; it also allows more learning opportunities (caseload) for our residents and interns.

The cost of the digital image interpretation services for radiographs is $75; for CT or MRI interpretation the cost is $150 per reading. For AAHA Radiographic Certification, the cost is $100. Please be sure to include the AAHA forms found on the AAHA website. Equine pre-purchase studies are $250. 

For more information, call 614-292-1040 and ask to speak with one of our board-certified radiologists, or send email.  To submit a request, please review our Teleradiology FAQs.