131I Therapy Post-Treatment

Release from the OSU Veterinary Medical Center

{{IconPDF}} Owner consent form

When released from the OSU Veterinary Medical Center, cats emit residual radioactivity that will last approximately 2 weeks. These cats will continue to excrete minimal amounts of radioactivity in the urine and feces for approximately one month. To comply with radiation safety regulations, owners are asked to implement radiation safety precautions (see owner consent form) when the cat is back home.

Before release from the OSU Veterinary Medical Center, an interview with the owner is conducted by a radiologist to insure that the radiation safety precautions are understood. Instructions are fully explained tof the owner and included in the owner consent form signed before release of the patient.

131I Therapy Follow-upf

A follow-up examination is recommended 2 months after 131I therapy to monitor improvement in clinical signs and check thyroid function. It is also recommended to recheck renal function 3 months and 6 months after 131I therapy (Serum creatinine, BUN).