Health and Travel Certificates

Health and Travel Certificates

Dr. Hannah Minch examines clientAre you travelling with your pet? You may need to have your pet examined by a veterinarian first. Many diseases spread easily between animals and people, so government authorities everywhere want to make sure every pet travelling inside and outside of the country are healthy. Most destinations usually require a health certificate to accompany any pet, especially if travelling by airplane. Airlines may also have their own set of rules, depending on how your pet will be travelling. Please bring your pet's current vaccination records to this appointment, and the requirements of the country or state that you are traveling to.

If you are traveling to another country with your pet, you will almost always need a USDA-APHIS issued Health Certificate. This certificate must be signed by a USDA certified veterinarian. To reach that office in Ohio, please direct inquiries to:

Area Veterinarian-in-Charge
12927 Stonecreek Drive
Suite C
Pickerington, OH 43147
Phone: (614) 856-4735
Fax: (614) 866-1086

Please visit the APHIS website for information and tips on domestic and international travel with dogs and cats.

For more information on what different countries require, please visit their particular Embassy so that you will understand the requirements.

Airlines also have their own requirements regarding pet travel, and you should contact the airline you are traveling through to confirm what these are prior to the visit.