FAQ: Blood Donors

Frequently Asked Questions

For Potential & Current Blood Donors

Q: How often does my dog/cat donate blood?

They can donate every two months, but we typically collect blood 4 to 5 times per year.

Q: Do I have to wait in the hospital during the donation?

You can, but you do not have to. Many owners leave their pets with us before they go to work, and pick them up after work, while others prefer to run some errands and come back.

Q: Can I be present during the donation?

We prefer that you are not present, since many dogs behave much better when the owner is not around, making the process easier and faster.

Q: Can my dog/cat eat before going to donate blood?

We prefer that you feed them the night before donation and not again in the morning; however, you can leave water available at all times. We typically feed them immediately after the donation.

Q: What kind of benefits does my pet have as a donor?

Please see donors benefits.

Q: Does my dog/cat suffer during the donation process?

NO. It is not a painful process. Cats donate blood under anesthesia, so they sleep during the whole process, which lasts only a few minutes.

Q: Can my dog/cat have a normal life, like going to the park, or do I need to be worried about the, catching an infection that they can transmit to the recipient?

Dogs have a normal lifestyle, and can mingle with other dogs as often as they would like. However, cats MUST be indoor pets, since they can get serious transmissible diseases from other cats.

Q: If we need to leave the town for business, or go on vacation, what we should do?

There is no problem at all. We just ask you to let us know so we do not count on your pet as a donor during that period. We frequently ask that you to bring your pet to donate before you leave, especially if you are leaving for a long period of time.

For Veterinarians

Q: Do you have products available all the time?

Most of the time we do. However, if you are planning a surgery ahead of time, and know you are going to need blood products, please call us in advance so we can have the product ready for you.