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The Animal Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine Service operates under the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences within the Clinical Hematology/Oncology Service and the Veterinary Medical Center.

Our mission

The mission of The Ohio State University Veterinary Blood Bank is two-fold:

  • to provide a humane source of veterinary blood products for dogs and cats; and
  • to provide education to ensure that our blood products are used to the best benefit of the patient.

We obtain our blood products from donor dogs and cats. Most are from rescued animals who are placed in foster homes, but some of them are pets. As the demand for blood products increases, we are always interested in outreach to the public to enroll additional qualified donors. See information for donors to learn more about eligibility requirements, donor types, and our terrific donor benefits.

Blood components were used primarily to treat patients at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, but now we've expanded the service to distribute blood products to veterinarians countrywide.

See information for veterinarians to learn more about this vital service to our veterinary community.


Dr. Cristina Iazbik, Clinical Associate - Animal Blood Bank Supervisor


The Animal Blood Bank is housed at the Veterinary Medical Center. Donors visit the Medical Center by appointment and after blood is collected, blood components are stored in state-of-the-art freezers and refrigerators in packaging designed to maintain a safe supply for ready access.


OSU Animal Blood Bank
The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center
601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
Columbus , OH 43210

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Appointments must be made in advance for both Animal Blood Bank donors and evaluation for donor eligibility. Contact us to make an appointment.