The Olmstead Kitties

When Cindy met Bob ten years ago, she was already a strong advocate of the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center (VMC).  When she moved from Chicago to Columbus in 2003, her first task was to find a kitty cardiologist for her two Persian cats, Princess and Jackson who passed by 2009.  Ohio State was the natural choice.  So when she met Bob and his three cats - Plaid, Fluffy (Plaid’s biological sister) and Sebastian -  she introduced him to the VMC. The Olmsteads are firm believers that there are few bonds as special as the ones we share with our pets and access to quality health care is the secret to preserving that bond.

As patients of the VMC, Plaid, Fluffy and Sebastian started their journey to receive annual checkups and were treated for a variety of medical ailments as unique as their personalities. This includes Fluffy’s removal of a mast cell tumor in 2013 and Sebastian’s one-week stay in the Intensive Care Unit last December after a “bit of cat battle”. Today both Sebastian and Fluffy are in great health, and Cindy attributes this to the care she receives at the VMC. “From the person taking your appointment over the phone to the veterinarian treating your pet there is a consistency of warmth and gentleness at every step and it feels incredible to know the people around you care for your pet as strongly as you do,” said Cindy.

Weighing in at 5lbs, Plaid may have been the tiniest member of the Olmstead family, but she was mighty and had a curious spirit that breathed hilarity and excitement into everything and everyone she encountered. During her lifetime,

Plaid would receive treatment for a broken jaw bone and loss of vision in her left eye, including an inoculation of the damaged eye. In June 2016, Plaid was treated at the VMC, and it was discovered she had developed mast cell cancer. Although the veterinarians were able to administer two rounds of chemo therapy, Plaid’s battle with cancer continued. Boby, Cindy and Plaid’s veterinarian were concerned with the change in her quality of life and together they focused on what would be the best for Plaid and made the painful decision to say goodbye. “No one wants to say goodbye to their pet but the VMC was there for us and their compassion and support helped soften the hurt during that very difficulty time”, said Cindy.

Cindy, Bob, Fluffy and Sebastian still miss Plaid but the Cindy and Bob continue to be great advocates for their pets’ health care. Cindy explained, “We are all still mourning the loss of Plaid, and I’m not sure that anyone ever stops missing their pet once they pass but we find peace in knowing that with the help of Veterinary Medical Center, we can provide our pets with a quality of life they deserve for the time they are meant to be with us.”