Lily finds new hope after cancer treatment

lily the cat

Lily was a stray cat that ended up at the Krouskoupf family’s house one day. She was severely malnourished with hundreds of maggots in two open wounds on her body but all she wanted was for the family to pet her. 

After they cleaned as much as they could out of the wounds, they took her to the veterinarian. Even though she could barely stand up and had infection throughout her body she wasn't giving up so they weren't going to either. The veterinarian estimated back then Lily was roughly three years old and she weighed under 4 lbs. They left the veterinarian with an insecticide to clean out any remaining pests, antibiotics and a warning that she might not make it. 

Fast forward to today and Lily always happily greets everyone everywhere they go (even the vet) and loves to take walks on her leash. She is the type of cat that wants pets 24 hours a day and will walk right by her food to get them. 

Lily was first diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago when Amy Krouskoupf found two lumps on her body. One lump ended up being a cyst, but the other was located on her mammary. That one ended up being cancer. She had surgery and all was good, though the family was warned more lumps may appear on her body. She was checked weekly at home to make sure no new lumps had formed and sadly, that is how the latest lump was found. 

 lily the white cat

The family’s local vet from Petplex Animal Hospital recommended The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center because of their dedicated cancer team. 

“They were incredible and very knowledgeable. I hope I never have to see them again for anything serious, but I know that I can depend on them if I need their expertise in the future,” said Amy.  

“Without the help of the PetcoLove/Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support Fund, I would not have my Lily today,” said Amy. “She has recovered from surgery and is jumping around like her normal, playful self.”  

The PetcoLove/Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support Fund is an incredibly important help to not only myself but every person who loves their pet like family but doesn’t have enough to cover the cost to save their beloved friends' life,” said Amy. “I hope that Petco always has this support for families that need it. Thank You Petco!” 



About The Petco & Blue Buffalo Grant

In May of 2016, the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Foundation announced grant investments totaling $350,000 to support pet cancer research and treatment initiatives for Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The College of Veterinary Medicine is one of six top-ranked veterinary schools chosen to receive this three-year grant which will provide financial support for qualified clients/pet parents who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of cancer treatment. Learn more about the grant.