Inaugural “Advancements in Canine Total Hip Replacement” workshop held at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary orthopedic surgeons from specialty referral hospitals across the United States attended the inaugural “Advancements in Canine Total Hip Replacement” continuing education workshop at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) last weekend.

The instructors were Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little (North Carolina State University), Dr. Mike Kowaleski (Tufts University) and course organizer Dr. Jon Dyce (Ohio State). The faculty was strengthened by Dr. Dave DeYoung (Professor emeritus North Carolina State University), Dr. Rob Hart (Animal Medical Center NY), Dr. Bill Liska (Global Veterinary Specialists) and Dr. Terri Schiller (University of Calgary).

The workshop was sponsored by BioMedtrix: the market leader in canine total joint replacement. More canine total hip replacements (THR) have been performed at the Ohio State University VMC than any other hospital. The experiences of Ohio State surgeons have been shared at past THR surgical training workshops and in publications for many years. This new advanced course offers experienced THR surgeons the opportunity to refine their patient selection and surgical technique, to expose them to innovations in implant design, and to practice critical case review. The goal is to improve their surgical outcomes and further reduce complication rates in this challenging surgery.

Dr. Dyce said, “Being able to engage surgeons who practice at the highest level of specialization is an essential part of our mission. This was an outstanding and enthusiastically engaged group of participants. The exciting aspect of this forum is not only teaching, but learning from the exchange of philosophy and practical tips. Our new small animal operative practice laboratory is the perfect venue for high quality continuing education, and the workshop was very well received. There was great interest in this course and I would expect it to become a permanent fixture in our continuing education calendar.”