Amy gets more time with her best friend Captain

Captain Stallworth and Amy

Amy Stallworth adopted Captain, a Siberian Husky mix, ten years ago and it was love at first site. She calls him her “big, 100 pound lap dog.” He loves to snuggle and take baths. Amy says he’s very vocal and everyday they “talk.” Without a doubt, Amy considers Captain her best friend. 

In February 2022, Amy’s family suddenly lost their other dog and the whole family was devastated. In March, the family noticed Captain was losing weight, they chalked it up to depression, but scheduled a check up with their family veterinarian, just to be safe. They were shocked to learn that Captain had cancer. They immediately made an appointment with The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, where they say everyone treats Captain like he’s their own dog. 

“We’ve laughed and cried so many times with the oncology team, seeing the love and dedication this team has for their patients just melts your heart,” Amy said. 

The family was already facing some financial burdens with a has a senior in college and pay cuts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting assistance from the PetcoLove/Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support Fund, has made the ups and downs they’ve faced in the last 11 months more manageable. 

“Having this help was amazing, especially at the holidays. It’s stressful enough dealing with a pet’s cancer treatment. Everyone has gone above and beyond with their help and assistance, I cannot thank PetCo enough.”