VMC Construction Updates and Information

January 28, 2016 - UPDATE

At present, the construction fence around the east side of the VMC (See diagram showing the fence boundaries) remains until Phase 1 construction is complete on or near March 1, 2016. The south end of Coffey Road will remain closed until further notice. Access to parking is still limited to the Vernon L. Tharp St. entrance. Other helpful information:

  • Five parking spots within the fenced area on Coffey Road will be unavailable. All other parking is unaffected.
  • The construction workers are to park off-site and be transported to the college so as to not afffect any of the faculty/staff/student¬†parking spaces. If you notice a contractor vehicle parked in an A,B or C parking space or otherwise inappropriately, please notify Stan Highley @ x26148.
  • The Coffey Road (Subway) entrance to the VMC will remain open during the project.