We celebrate our Pharmacy team during National Pharmacy Week!

veterinary pharmacy at Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center

The Veterinary Medical Center’s pharmacy team plays a vital role in the advanced level of care offered throughout our hospitals. Our pharmacists and technicians ensure that all medication use is optimal, safe and effective for all patients at all times. The team fills an astounding number of prescriptions annually – approximately 55,000 - for clients of the medical center, including inpatient and outpatient orders for all companion (dogs, cats), farm and equine patients. The team works hard to process refill requests – conveniently available on line - typically within 24 hours or sooner, if refills are available. The pharmacy also offers in-house compounding services for several oral and topical medications. Our dedicated Pharmacy team is comprised of four, full-time Ohio registered pharmacists and four, full-time certified pharmacy technicians, who are available to answer questions and offer consultations about medications during normal business hours. For more information, click here