Two new portals streamline access and clinical information sharing

To improve the process of sharing patient information, online referrals and autopsy and aftercare request, the Veterinary Medical Center has implemented two access portals for our referral partners, as part of our new Hospital Information System. 

The rVetLink portal may be used to electronically refer patients and share patient information with the VMC.  In addition, VMC team members are able to share information with you about the patients you have referred including discharge summaries, prescription information, etc.  While not required, we highly encourage you to use the portal as a convenient way for us to access and share important patient information.  Please note that emergency referrals should always be called in.  To access the rVetLink portal, your practice should have received a Welcome Letter from IDEXX rVetlink. If you have not received the letter or need to have it resent, please contact us at or (614) 292-0950 or our Practitioner Liaison, Doug Graham. 

The Core One laboratory information portal offers convenient and easy access to our clinical pathology and anatomic pathology labs, without having to call, email or fax. Use of the portal helps streamline requests and improve communications. We encourage transitioning to using the Core One portal as the VMC will ONLY accept submission via the Core One portal as of January 4, 2021. For information on how to log into the portal and a user tutorial, please click here and begin on page 2. 

It is important to note that all autopsy requests must be submitted by a referring veterinarian.  No autopsy requests will be accepted without a referral.  Pricing information is available in the Core One portal and can also be found in the Forms and Information section of the Referring Veterinarians, as well as in the Anatomic Pathology section of this website.

Also important, as part of this new process the VMC will be directly billing your practice account for all referral autopsies.

To access the Core One portal, your practice should have received a Welcome Letter. If you need the letter to be resent to your practice, please contact our referral coordinator at the address or phone number above. 

We hope you will find the use of the portals provides an added level of convenience and access to your referred patient information as a result of our new and fully integrated Hospital Information System!

rVetLink Portal 

Core One Portal