Good Samaritan Fund Winter Testimonials

We all love our pets and they are members of our family.  The Good Samaritan Fund  makes it possible for us to provide the best veterinary care to the pets with the highest need. Let's come together to make sure every pet has a chance to be healthy and happy. To learn more about the Good Samaritan Fund or to make a donation, please visit .



In some instances, pets like Grover are born with an extra blood vessel that shunts or bypasses the liver. When this happens, the blood from the GI tract goes into circulation before it gets filtered and this results in having "toxins" and substances in the blood that make the animal sick. Because of the Good Samaritan Fund, Grover was able to receive the care he needed. The doctors placed him on a special diet, prescribed medications to help decrease the bad substances that made Grover feel sick and performed surgery. Now, he’s healthy, back with his owner, Piper Edie, and expected to live a normal life expectancy.






Dear Good Samaritan Fund Donors,

Remy is our child and we take her everywhere with us. We take her fishing, for walks at the lake and she even has play dates with other dogs. Our favorite time with Remy is when we are sitting on the couch, cuddling and watching TV- she is truly a blessing in our lives. I am diagnosed with PTSD, chronic depression, and anxiety disorders.  Remy calms me and makes me feel safe when my family is working out of town for weeks at a time.  She is my best friend. My company. My cuddle buddy. 

I really don't know what my life would be like without her. Everything was going so well until Remy started acting different and that’s when we knew something was wrong. One day, Remy seemed so tired. She started laying around, panting, peeing about every 15 minutes, drinking a lot of water and her eyes looked so sad.  We took her to a vet and found out she suffered from a uterus infection and spaying her was the only treatment. However, the cost of care was expensive for us and we could not afford it. The vet talked to a surgeon and he told her about a fund that would pay for the rest of Remy’s care. We couldn't believe that one minute there was no hope and now there was an abundance of hope and blessings. Our beautiful girl made it through the surgery and is doing amazing. She is back to her sweet self again and making us happier every day of our lives. 

We are beyond grateful!


Judith Carpenter, Owner