Changes coming to Orthopedic service in 2017


We are very enthusiastic regarding the ongoing development of our orthopedic services including lameness diagnosis, trauma care, non-emergent orthopedic surgery (cranial cruciate ligament rupture, medial patellar luxation), limb deformity, minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopy, total joint replacement, orthopedic revision surgery, sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine.

As part of this evolution of our already outstanding orthopedic services into a fully integrated orthopedic service, we will be undergoing a comprehensive renovation of the surgery and anesthesia suites within our Columbus facility. Additionally, we are renovating the surgery suite at the VMC in Dublin to provide equally impressive facilities for advanced orthopedic procedures. The VMC Dublin renovations will occur first so that our orthopedic surgical services can be relocated to that location during the VMC Columbus surgery suite renovation.

The Veterinary Medical Center's orthopedic team includes Dr. Stephen Jones, DVM MS DACVS, Dr. Nina Kieves, DVM CCRT DACVS DACVSMR, and Dr. Audrey Wanstrath, DVM MS, and is led by Dr. Jonathan Dyce, MA VetMB MRCVS DSAO DACVS.

The estimated timeline for the renovation and temporary relocation of services is as follows:

January 1 - March 31, 2017: All orthopedic surgery services will temporarily be provided at VMC Columbus. During this period, VMC Dublin will continue to operate solely as a 24/7 emergency hospital for non-surgical emergencies.

April 1* - September 30, 2017: All orthopedic services will temporarily relocate to the newly renovated VMC Dublin.

   *Initial surgery availability date to be determined.

October 2017: The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center Orthopedic Service will provide integrated orthopedic care from two locations.

We will provide progress updates during the renovation projects on this web site.

If you wish to schedule with orthopedic services you may do so through your family veterinarian or by calling the Veterinary Medical Center at (614) 292-3551.