Equine Lameness Arena

New Equine Arena

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The science of sports medicine continues to evolve to better support and improve the performance of hard-working athletes- including horses. Lameness is one of the most common causes of performance problems in our equine athletes, and it often can be effectively diagnosed and treated through progressive equine sports medicine.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's Galbreath Equine Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality equine services to help horses heal, including our top-quality work in equine sports medicine.

Horse jogging in hallway for lameness exam.

Our equine services, however, are constrained by our facilities. Currently, our veterinary faculty, staff, and students have only limited, multipurpose space within the Galbreath Equine Center to monitor the gait of horses. The addition of a covered lameness arena to the Galbreath Equine Center will improve our ability to evaluate the gait of horses both in hand and under tack, as well as on various footing surfaces, while they work in their respective disciplines.

You can help Ohio State provide the best care for our equine patients. From the 4-H pony to the barrel racer to the multi-million dollar racehorse, the new arena will ensure all our equine patients reach their greatest potential and lead long, healthy lives. Only with your support will this new arena be possible.


How You Can Help

Ohio State has a robust caseload in equine sports medicine, and additional space is essential to our continued growth in this area. To help fund the expansion of our facilities with a new covered lameness arena, we need your help.  Your support will improve the health of horses by advancing knowledge of equine sports medicine. Expanded facilities will increase our ability to recruit additional faculty to our sports medicine program, and our capacity to offer in-depth training for our veterinary students, interns, and residents.

With your support, we can widen our range of services and continue to improve our ability to diagnose and manage lameness in horses. An all-weather, safe, covered lameness arena and an associated asphalt jogging strip will provide additional space needed for:

  • Evaluation of horses in hand and under saddle, which will significantly improve detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • Assessment of lameness while traveling at different gaits and on different surfaces
  • Holding stalls for outpatients, which will improve workflow efficiency as we our sports medicine caseload grows

Generous gifs from our friends will make our vision for the new covered lameness arena a reality.

Your gift to create a new covered lameness arena will help promote Ohio State's missions of teaching, discovery, and service. Please join us in advancing equine sports medicine for the betterment of the health of the horses in Ohio and beyond.