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Ohio State cat expert to give "A Message from Your Cat"

Feline expert Dr. Tony Buffington will offer a different perspective on cat behavior, by looking at human behavior from a cat's point of view. 

Dr. Buffington, who has researched the influence of stress on cat behavior for more than 30 years, will speak at 6 p.m. on Feb. 5 at the
Veterinary Medical Center Auditorium; refreshments will be served at 5:30 p.m. The lecture is open to Ohio State students, staff, faculty and the
public, and is hosted by The Ohio State University College of Veterinary
Medicine’s Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Feline Behavior Club. Admission is $5 for the general public, $3 for anyone with a valid Buck ID and free for SCAVMA members

research interests include the effects of early-life events and the environment
on health and disease in cats and people, the effects of environmental
enrichment on health outcomes and diagnostic markers of health and disease.

His clinical
interests are in the effects of stress on health and disease in general,
obesity, evidence-based medicine and effective medical communication. In 2014, he created one of the year's most popular interactive iBooks, "Cat Mastery," he is the founder of Indoor Pet Initiative and the author of more than 100 scientific publications.

By giving the public "A Message from Your Cat," SCAVMA and Dr. Buffington hope to help cat owners create safe and healthy environments for their pet cats, avoid having cats become stressed in their home due to improper care or lack of enrichment, explain the importance of regular veterinary care for cats (with some tips on how to get them there) and much more.

VMC MapUse an Ohio State parking pass or the "Pay and Display" machines for $1.75/hr. Contact for additional information. 

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Jan. 23, 2015


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