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Donations & Gifts

Financial donations to the Center for Retrovirus Research are vital to bolstering the quest for knowledge that benefits human and animal health.

Donations strengthen the Center's ability to perform cutting-edge fundamental and applied research with far-reaching and significant benefits to humanity. Our efforts will ultimately improve treatments of diseases including cancer and AIDS.

Focal areas include:

  • Dissecting fundamental aspects of retrovirus replication
  • Studying how the retrovirus interacts with the infected human or animal hosts to gain insights into basic cell biology and immunology including mechanisms of cell signaling, transcriptional and post transcriptional control of gene expression and cellular transformation and disease
  • Manipulating the malleable retrovirus genome to produce vectors for gene delivery
  • Employing viral vectors to treat cancer, metabolic disease and prevent pathogenic retrovirus infection

Online Giving

Giving to the Center for Retrovirus Research is easy. If you wish to make a contribution please visit the Give to OSU website. By completing the website form your contribution will be directed to the Center for Retrovirus Research. Any and all contributions are appreciated.

For more information about making a gift to support the Center for Retrovirus Research, call 614-688-4899 or contact us via email (