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Administrative and Biostatistics Core

Director: Patrick Green, PhD: Co-Investigators: Amanda MacFarlane, PhD; Soledad Fernandez, PhD; Lianbo Yu, PhD

The overall goals of the Administrative and Biostatistics Core are to 1) to provide a structure to facilitate effective interactions toward accomplishment of the aims of this Program Project and specifically will foster and promote the goals of the program and each component by providing scientific direction, administrative support, oversight, integration of program activities and ensuring operational efficiency; and 2) to provide biostatistics and other statistical support for the program. In this manner, close coordination will be effected with Project 1 (OSU), Project 2 (WUSTL), Project 3 (WUSTL), Virus Vector Core (OSU) and Animal Core (OSU). In addition, Administrative/Biostatistics Core will be the focal point of interactions with the NCI Program Officer. The core has the following specific aims:


Aim 1.  Provide research direction by setting the research agenda to utilize the HTLV-1 T-cell immortalization model to gain understanding of the microenvironmental, cellular, and viral factors that lead to progression to leukemia, and with this knowledge, to identify unique targets for diagnosis and treatment of HTLV-1 infection and adult T-cell leukemia and related leukemia/lymphoma.

Aim 2.  Ensure operational efficiency for Program components by providing centralized grant administration, information dissemination, budget data processing, and exchange of information and services.

Aim 3.  Promote integration of the Research Projects and Cores to promote interaction between the two primary universities represented by the investigators, and relevant external entities.

Aim 4.   Provide biostatistics support for the three Projects and the two Cores of the P01 Program.