Gene Profiling (Lymphoma) I

Study title

Oligonucleotide microarray gene expression profiling of canine lymphoma.

Purpose of study

We are studying lymphoma gene microarrays, a new tool that can be used to identify genes that are important in different subtypes of lymphoma. By studying the patterns of gene expression in lymphoma patients, we hope to 1) provide better diagnostic and prognostic information regarding individual tumor behavior, 2) identify important signal transduction pathways for different lymphoma subtypes, and 3) identify new molecular targets for therapy.

Inclusion criteria

To be included in this study, dogs must have a cytologic or histopathologic diagnosis of lymphoma. Dogs should not have received any treatment for lymphoma, including corticosteroid therapy.

Diagnostics, treatment and compensation

Lymph node biopsies for the study will be taken prior to the start of treatment. The cost of collecting the biopsy sample will be covered by the study. The study does not cover the cost of any treatment or diagnostic work-up aside from the biopsy collection.

For more information on this study, please contact Dr. William Kisseberth at clinicaltrials [at] cvm [dot] osu [dot] edu.