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Abstract and PowerPoint Formats and Instructions


Abstracts must be 300 words or less and must be submitted to Michele Morscher ( in electronic form by email using the abstract submission form (Fillable PDF or Word document). Abstracts that exceed the 300 word limit OR not following the format below, will be returned for modification. Please see the example shown below for your abstract.

  • Type the text in Arial font, 12 point.
  • The title should be capitalized and bold, followed by the authors’ names (initials and last names only) and departmental affiliation.
  • Underline the presenting author’s name.
  • Abstract should be single spaced.
  • At the end of the abstract, skip a line and include 'Keywords'.
  • Note that the 300 word limit does NOT include the title, authors and department information, and key words.
  • The deadline for Abstract submission is March 8, 2021.


Printable Instructions 

9 Slide Maximum/8 Minute Maximum Audio

Slide # Description
Slide #1
  • Title of Project
  • Student Name and Advisor/Mentor or complete author list
    (student name should be underlined)
  • Funding source(s) or sponsor's name

Slide #
(1or 2 slides)

  • Background Information
    (this sets up the "why you did it")
Slide #4
  • Hypothesis/Methods
Slide #
(3 slides or less)
  • Results
    (what you learned and why we care)
Slide #8
  • Summary/Conclusions/Impact
Slide #9
  • Next steps or future plans with your research project


1. Go to 'Slide Show' tab
2. Click 'Record Slide Show' to start recording from your current slide.
3. There are audio options in the recording toolbar. Use the record, pause, and resume buttons to control narration and navigation recording. You can also select a laser pointer so you can highlight particular points while speaking.

Begin Speaking

  • You can record the entire presentation or slide by slide
  • You can also record over any slides that need editing in a similar manner
5. When finished, you will see a semi-transparent audio symbol on the bottom of your slide. Click this to play the audio for each slide or launch your presentation to hear the audio.
6. On the File menu, select SAVE to ensure all of your recent work has been saved in PowerPoint presentation format.
Pro Tips
  • Record in a quiet room free from background noises
  • Speak clearly
  • When changing slides, give a brief 1-2 second pause before speaking again

PowerPoints should be uploaded to Box. Following submission of your abstract, you will be sent an invite to Box.
The deadline for PowerPoint submission is March 29, 2021.