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Research Summary

Recent Advances in Microchips for Companion Animals

The use of microchips is an important modality for providing permanent identification for companion animals.  The focus of this research is to define the sensitivity for microchip scanners in the market both in controlled conditions and in the field in an animal shelter setting.

Lost and Found Pets: Reunification of pets with their owners

The focus of this research is to understand how owners recover lost pets, the search methods used by owners, prevalence of identification methods for pets, and differences in the search and reunification process between dogs and cats.

Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Free-roaming Cats

Free roaming cats continue to be one of the most challenging animal welfare issues facing communities throughout the United States. The focus of this research is to understand attitudes towards free-roaming cats among individuals living in Ohio with a particular emphasis on examining the differences between different demographic groups cat owners vs. non-cat owners.

Survey of Ohio Animal Shelters

The focus of this research is to monitor trends in Ohio animal shelters through the collection of comprehensive data on animal shelters including numbers of animals handled and their disposition, medical care provided, expenses, numbers of employees, and agency policies.