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Research Summary

The major areas that my research is particularly focused are antimicrobial resistance, genotypic diversity and detection methods development of foodborne zoonotic pathogens. Specific activities in my laboratory include molecular characterization of genetic elements such as antimicrobial resistance genes, class-I integrons, and plasmids in strains of leading food safety problems such as multi-drug resistant ones.

The work in our laboratory mainly focuses on swine. Therefore, results generated from our studies have direct relevance to the Pork industry. In addition, as we are dealing with foodborne pathogens that are capable of infecting multiple host specieis, thefindings have significant impact on human health as well as food safety in other animal hosts.

In addition I collaborate with other experts in viral foodborne pathogens (mainly norovirus) and parasitic foodborne hazards (Ascaris, Trichinella and Toxoplamsa).

Other expertise in our laboratory include evaluation of DNA fingerprinting method for foodborne pathogens and comparative anlysis of antimicrobial resistance among Salmonella isolates from humans and swine.

Future Research

Development of molecular diagnostic/ detection methods using real-time PCR and microarray systems that enable accurate and rapid detection of multiple bacterial and viral foodborne pathogens simultaneously.