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Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (selected from 50 peer-reviewed publications)

  • Chen CY, Liu X, Boris-Lawrie K, Sharma A, Jeang KT. Cellular RNA helicases and HIV-1: insights from genome-wide, proteomic, and molecular studies. Virus Res. 2013 Feb;171(2):357-65. PMID: 22814432
  • Sharma A, Yilmaz A, Marsh K, Cochrane A, Boris-Lawrie K. 2012. Thriving under stress: selective translation of HIV-1 structural protein mRNA during Vpr-mediated impairment of eIF4E translation activity. PLoS Pathog.;8(3):e1002612. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002612. PMID: 22457629.
    • Featured in Faculty of 1000: New Finding, Interesting Hypothesis DOI: 0.3410/f.715498056.791003060
  • Sharma A, Boris-Lawrie K. 2012. Determination of host RNA helicase activity in viral replication. Methods Enzymology. 2012;511:405-35.
  • Hayes AM, Qian S, Yu L, Boris-Lawrie K. Tat RNA silencing suppressor activity contributes to perturbation of lymphocyte miRNA by HIV-1. Retrovirology. 2011 8(1):36.
  • Jin J, Jing W, Lei XX, Feng C, Peng S, Boris-Lawrie K, Huang Y. Evidence that Lin28 stimulates translation by recruiting RNA helicase A to polysomes. Nucleic Acids Research. 2011 PMID:21247876.
  • Ranji A, Shkriabai N, Kvaratskhelia M, Musier-Forsyth K, Boris-Lawrie K. Features of double-stranded RNA-binding domains of RNA helicase A are necessary for selective recognition and translation of complex mRNAs. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2011 Feb 18;286(7):5328-37. PMID: 21123178. 
  • Ranji A, Boris-Lawrie K. RNA helicases: Emerging roles in viral replication and the host innate response. RNA Biology. 2010 Nov 1;7(6). PMID: 21173576. 
  • Bolinger, C., Sharma, A., Singh, D., and Boris-Lawrie, K. RNA helicase A modulates translation of HIV-1 and infectivity of progeny virions. Nucleic Acids Research 2010. 38(5):1686-1696.
  • Bolinger C, Boris-Lawrie K. Mechanisms employed by retroviruses to exploit host factors for translational control of a complex proteome. Retrovirology. 2010; 6(1):8. PMCID: PMC2657110.
  • Qian S, Zhong X, Yu L, Ding B, de Haan P, Boris-Lawrie K. HIV-1 Tat RNA silencing suppressor activity is conserved across kingdoms and counteracts translational repression of HIV-1. Proceedings National Academy Sciences USA. 2009; 106(2):605-10. PMCID: PMC2626750.
  • Bolinger C, Yilmaz A, Hartman TR, Kovacic MB, Fernandez S, Ye J, Forget M, Green PL, Boris-Lawrie K. RNA helicase A interacts with divergent lymphotropic retroviruses and promotes translation of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1. Nucleic Acids Research. 2007; 35(8):2629-42. PMCID: PMC1885656.
  • Hartman TR, Qian S, Bolinger C, Fernandez S, Schoenberg DR, Boris-Lawrie K. RNA helicase A stimulates translation of selected mRNAs. Nature Structural Molecular Biology 2006; 13(6):509-16. NIHMS94144. 
    • Cover feature and special perspective in Trends Biochem Sci. 2006 Nov;31(11):607-10. “A new model for translational regulation of specific mRNAs” Tettweiler G, Lasko P.
  • Roberts TM, Boris-Lawrie K. Primary sequence and secondary structure motifs in spleen necrosis virus RU5 confer translational utilization of unspliced HIV-1 reporter RNA. Journal of Virology 2003; 77(22):11973-84. PMCID: PMC254288.
  • Butsch M, Boris-Lawrie K. Translation is not necessary to generate virion precursor RNA in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infected T-cells. Journal of Virology 2000; 74(24):11531-7. PMCID: PMC112433.
  • Roberts TM, Boris-Lawrie K. RU5 of spleen necrosis virus is a stimulatory sequence that enhances translation of non-viral reporter gene mRNA. Journal of Virology 2000; 74(17):8111-8. PMCID: PMC112344.
  • Butsch, M., S. Hull, Y. Wang, T.M. Roberts, K. Boris-Lawrie. 1999. The 5’ RNA terminus of spleen necrosis virus contains a novel post-transcriptional control element that facilitates human immunodeficiency virus Rev/RRE-independent Gag production. Journal of Virology 73(6): 4847-4855.