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Research Articles


  • Yuanmei Ma, Yongwei Wei, Xiaodong Zhang, Yu Zhang, Hui Cai, Yang Zhu, Konstantin Shilo, Michael Oglesbee, Steven Krakowka, Sean P. J. Whelan, Jianrong Li*. Messenger RNA cap methylation influences pathogenesis of vesicular stomatitis virus in vivo. Journal of Virology, 2013, In Revision.
  • Yuanmei Ma, Yue Duan, Yongwei Wei, Stefan Niewiesk, Michael Oglesbee, Jianrong Li*. Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) enhances safety and immunogenicity of human norovirus capsid protein (VP1) when co-expressed from a vesicular stomatitis viral vector. Journal of Virology. 2013. In Revision.
  • Miyoung Kim, Yuanmei Ma, Yu Zhang, Jianrong Li, Yaoling Shu, Michael Oglesbee. Hsp70-dependent antiviral immunity against cytopathic neuronal infection by vesicular stomatitis virus. Journal of Virology. 2013, In Press.


  • Yongwei Wei, Kurtis Feng, Xiangjie Yao, Hui Cai, Junan Li, Anne Mirza, Ronald Iorio, Jianrong Li.* Localization of a region in the fusion (F) protein of avian metapneumovirus that modulates cell-cell fusion. Journal of Virology. 2012, 86(21):11800-11814.
  • Lizanel Feliciano, Jianrong Li*, Jaesung Lee, Melvin Pascall. "Efficacies of sodium hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium sanitizers for reduction of norovirus and selected bacteria during ware-washing operations". PLoS One.Vol. 7(12), e50273. 2012. --Featured by NBC news and OSU news
  • Erin DiCaprio, Yuanmei Ma, Anastasia Purgianto, John Hughes, Jianrong Li*. Internalization and dissemination of human norovirus and animal caliciviruses in hydroponically grown Romaine lettuce. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2012, 78(17):6143-6152.
  • Fangfei Lou, Pengwei Huang, Hudaa Neetoo, Joshua Gurtler, Brendan Niemira, Haiqiang Chen, Xi Jiang, Jianrong Li.* High pressure inactivation of human norovirus virus-like particles provides evidence that the capsid of human norovirus is highly pressure resistant. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2012, 78(15):5320-5327.
  • Yu Zhang, Yongwei Wei, Junan Li, Jianrong Li.* Development and optimization of a direct plaque assay for human and avian metapneumoviruses. Journal of Virological Methods, 2012, 185(1):61-68.


  • Yuanmei Ma, Jianrong Li*. Vesicular stomatitis virus as a vector to deliver human norovirus virus-like particles: a new vaccine candidate against an important non-cultivable virus. Journal of Virology,2011,85(6): 2942-2952.
  • Fangfei Lou, Hudaa Needoo, Haiqiang Chen, Jianrong Li*. Inactivation of human norovirus surrogate by high pressure processing: effectiveness, mechanism and potential application in fresh produce industry. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011, 77(5):1862-1871.
  • Kurtis Feng, Erin Divers, Yuanmei Ma, Jianrong Li*. Inactivation of human norovirus surrogate, human norovirus virus-like particle, and vesicular stomatitis virus by gamma irradiation. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011, 77(10):3507-3517.
  • Ashley Predmore, Jianrong Li*. Enhanced Sanitization of a Human Norovirus Surrogate in Fresh Vegetables and Fruits by a Combination of Surfactants and Sanitizers. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011, 77(14):4829-4838.
  • Gabriel Sanglay, Jianrong Li, Roberto Uribe, Ken Lee. Electron beam inactivation of a norovirus surrogate in fresh produce and model system. Journal of Food Protection 2011, 74(7):1155-1160.
  • Fangfei Lou, Hudaa Neetoo, Junan Li, Haiqiang Chen, Jianrong Li*.Inactivation of human rotavirus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and avian metapneumovirus by high-pressure processing: lack of correlation between barosensitivity of viruses and presence of viral envelope. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011, 77(24):8538-8547.


  • Xiaodong Zhang, Yongwei Wei, Yuanmei Ma, Songhua Hu, Jianrong Li*. Identification of aromatic amino acid residues in conserved region VI of the large polymerase of vesicular stomatitis virus is essential for both guanine-N-7 and ribose 2'-O methyltransferases. Virology 2010, 408(2):241-252.  
  • Wolf MC, Freiberg AN, Zhang T, Akyol-Ataman Z, Grock A, Hong PW, Jianrong Li, Watson NF, Fang AQ, Aguilar HC, Porotto M, Honko AN, Damoiseaux R, Miller JP, Woodson SE, Chantasirivisal S, Fontanes V, Negrete OA, Krogstad P, Dasgupta A, Moscona A, Hensley LE, Whelan SP, Faull KF, Holbrook MR, Jung ME, Lee B. A broad-spectrum antiviral targeting entry of enveloped viruses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 2010,107(7):3157-3162.


  • Amal Rahmeh, Jianrong Li, Philip J. Kranzusch and Sean P. J. Whelan. Ribose 2'-O methylation of the vesicular stomatitis virus mRNA cap precedes and facilitates subsequent guanine-N-7 methylation by the large polymerase protein. Journal of Virology 2009, 83(21):11043-11050.
  • Jianrong Li*, Amal Rahmeh, Vesna Brusic, Sean P. J. Whelan*. Opposing effects of inhibiting cap addition and cap methylation on polyadenylation during vesicular stomatitis virus mRNA synthesis. Journal of Virology 2009, 83(4):1930-1940.


  • Jianrong Li*, Amal Rahmeh*, Marco Morelli, Sean P. J. Whelan. A conserved motif in large RNA dependent RNA polymerase of non-segmented negative-sense RNA viruses essential for mRNA cap formation. Journal of Virology 2008, 82(2): 775-784. (*co-first author)


  • Jianrong Li*, John S. Chorba*, Sean P. J. Whelan. Vesicular stomatitis viruses resistant to the methylase inhibitor sinefungin upregulate RNA synthesis and reveal mutations that affect mRNA cap methylation. Journal of Virology 2007, 81(8):4104-4115. (*co-first author)


  • Jianrong Li, Jennifer Wang, Sean P. J. Whelan. A unique strategy for mRNA cap methylation used by vesicular stomatitis virus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 2006, 103(22): 8493-8498. (This paper was highlighted as Research Focus, Harvard Medical School, June 2006).
  • Yongwei Wei,Jianrong Li, Jiangtao Zheng, Hong Xu, Long Li, Lian Yu. Genetic reassortment of infectious bursal disease virus in nature. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2006, 350(2): 277-287.
  • Long Li, Weihuan Fang,Jianrong Li, Li Fang, Yaowei Huang, Lian Yu. Oral DNA vaccination with the polyprotein gene of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) delivered by attenuated Salmonella elicits protective immune responses in chickens. Vaccine 2006, 24: 5919-5927.


  • Jianrong Li, Errin C. Fontaine-Rodriguez, Sean P. J. Whelan. Amino acid residues within conserved domain VI of the vesicular stomatitis virus large polymerase protein essential for mRNA cap methyltransferase activity. Journal of Virology 2005, 79(21):13373-13384. (Editors choice: this paper was selected for a spotlight in Journal of Virology)
  • Jianrong Li, Vanessa R. Melanson, Anne M. Mirza, Ronald M. Iorio. Decreased dependence on receptor recognition for the fusion promotion activity of L289A-mutated Newcastle disease virus fusion protein correlates with a monoclonal antibody-detected conformational change. Journal of Virology 2005, 79(2): 1180-1190.
  • Judith G. Alamares, Jianrong Li, Ronald M. Iorio. Monoclonal antibody routinely used to identify avirulent strains of Newcastle disease virus binds to an epitope at the carboxy terminus of the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein and recognizes individual mesogenic and velogenic strains. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2005, 43(8): 4229-4233.


  • Jianrong Li, Quinlan Edward, Anne M. Mirza, Ronald M. Iorio. Mutated form of the Newcastle disease virus hemagglutinin-neuraminidase interact with the homologous fusion protein despite deficiencies in both receptor-recognition and fusion promotion. Journal of Virology 2004, 78(10): 5299-5310.
  • Jianrong Li*, Xueya Liang, Yaowei Huang, Songshu Meng, Ronghui Xie, Ruitang Deng, Lian Yu. Enhancement of the immunogenicity of DNA vaccine against infectious bursal disease virus by co-delivery with plasmid encoding chicken interleukin 2. Virology 2004, 329(1): 89-100.
  • Zhiyu Wang, Anne M. Mirza, Jianrong Li, Paul J. Mahon, Ronald M. Iorio. An oligosaccharide at the C-terminus of the F-specific domain in the stalk of the human parainfluenza virus 3 hemagglutinin–neuraminidase modulates fusion. Virus Research 2004, 99: 177-185.


  • Jianrong Li*, Yaowei Huang, Xueya Liang, Mijia Lu, Long Li, Lian Yu, Ruitang Deng. Plasmid DNA encoding antigens of infectious bursal disease viruses induced protective immune responses in chickens: factors influencing efficacy. Virus Research 2003, 98: 63-74.
  • Yaowei Huang, Long Li, Jianrong Li, Lian Yu. Rapid construction of infectious clones of infectious bursal disease virus. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 2003, 35(4): 338-344.


  • Lian Yu, Jianrong Li, Yaowei Huang, Ruitang Deng. Molecular characteristics of full-length of genomic segment A of three infectious bursal disease viruses in China: two attenuated strains and a field virulent strain. Avian Disease 2001, 45(4): 862-874.
  • Jianrong Li, Yaowei Huang, Songshu Meng, Xueya Liang, Ronghui Xie, Lian Yu. Cloning and phylogenetic analysis of interleukin-2 gene in Xiaoshan chicken, a Chinese local chicken breed. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 2001, 33(6): 713-718.
  • Yaowei Huang, Lian Yu, Hongwei Ding,Jianrong Li, Kunhua Song. Amplification and cloning by long RT-PCR of full-length genome of larger segment of chicken infectious bursal disease virus. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 2001, 33(3): 355-359.

Reviews & Book Chapters

  • Erin DiCaprio, Yuanmei Ma, John Hughes, Jianrong Li, * Epidemiology, prevention, and control of human norovirus. Infectious Disease Clinics in North America. 2013. In Press.
  • Erin DiCaprio, Fangfei Lou, Ashley Predmore, Jianrong Li*. Strategies for control of food- and water-borne viruses".Foodborne Viral Pathogens. 2013. In Press.
  • Jianrong Li*, Yu Zhang. Messenger RNA cap methylation in nonsegmented negative sense RNA viruses. Methylation - From DNA, RNA and Histones to Diseases and Treatment. Rijeka: InTech Publisher, 2012.
  • Jianrong Li*, Ashley Predmore, Erin Divers, Fangfei Lou. New interventions against human norovirus: progress, opportunities, and challenges. Annual Review of Food Science and Technology, 2012, 3:331-352.