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Books/Book Chapters

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  • Boyaka, P.N., A. Duverger, E. Cormet-Boyaka, and J.-N. Tournier. 2008. Mucosal immunity against anthrax. In: Immunity against mucosal pathogens. Editor: M.Vajdy. Springer Science. Chapter 13, pp367-381.

Peer Reviewed Articles

(partial listing)

  • Duverger A., J-M Carre, J. Jee, S.H. Leppla, E. Cormet-Boyaka, W-J. Tang, D. Tome, and P.N. Boyaka. 2010. Contributions of Edema Factor and Protective Antigen to the Induction of Protective Immunity by Bacillus anthracis Edema Toxin as an Intranasal Adjuvant. Journal of Immunology (in press)
  • Cormet-Boyaka, E., J.S. Hong, B.K. Berdiev, J.A. Fortenberry, J. Rennolds, J.P. Clancy, D.J. Benos, P.N. Boyaka, and E.J. Sorscher. 2009. A truncated CFTR protein rescues endogenous Delta F598-CFTR and corrects chloride transport in mice. FASEB Journal. 23(11):3743-51.
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  • Fukuiwa. T., S. Sekine, R. Kobayashi, H. Suzuki, K. Kataoka, R.S. Gilbert, Y. Kurono, P.N. Boyaka, A.M. Krieg, J.R. McGhee, and K. Fujihashi. 2008. A combination of Flt3 ligand cDNA and CPG ODN as nasal adjuvant elicits NALT dendritic cells for prolonged mucosal immunity. Vaccine. 26:4849-59.
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