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A group of students in a wetlands area listening to a lecture.



  • VETPREV7710 - Ecosystem Health Conservation Medicine
    Through lectures, readings, field practicum, discussions and self-directed learning, this elective course introduces the principles and practices of ecosystem health with emphasis on the role of the veterinarian. Conservation medicine will be examined using the One Health One Medicine paradigm.
  • VETPREV7700 - Aquatic Animal Health and Medicine
    An entry-level class exposing professional veterinary and graduate students to the diverse field of aquatic animal health, medicine, and welfare. It aims to equip veterinarians with an interest in aquatic medicine and higher research degree earning students with an interest in the disease ecology of aquatic species to gain skills directly applicable to their profession. Concepts will cover principles of aquaculture, the natural aquatic environment, common diseases, and treatments.
  • VMCOLL6120 - One Health & One Welfare
    Historical, philosophical and scientific developments that have led to our current understanding of animal welfare and how it should be assessed. An overview of the tenancies of One Health and One Welfare, the role of the veterinarian in a range of disciplines and how this framework may be applied to our everyday clinical practice.  


  • Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health Residency Program
    A three-year, ACZM-accredited residency in Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health. This is a unique cooperative program between the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Wilds. This program provides trainees with coursework, zoological medicine training and field experience emphasizing a One Health approach to the study of nondomestic animal health and leading to a Master’s degree at the completion of the residency. This program is uniquely designed to train ACZM eligible candidates and prepare conservation medicine clinicians to advance the field through further research and training nationally and internationally.
  • One Welfare: Animal Welfare Residency Program
    A three-year, ACAW accredited residency in  One Welfare - Animal Welfare. The goal is to train veterinarians in One Welfare, which looks at issues from a wider, national, global and holistic perspective, focusing on the inter-relationships between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. The concept refers to not only animal welfare but includes human welfare and societal mental health, as well as environmental conservation. Graduates of the Program will be board eligible with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Veterinary Board of Veterinary Specialties (VBVS) after the completion of a 3-year didactic and experiential individually tailored program that includes a Research Masters degree (MS) from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University. 

Proposed Certificate in One Welfare

  • Pending approval, this certificate will provide graduate-level and professional training in the emerging discipline of One Welfare as part of their degrees or in a non-degree earning modality. It is anticipated this training will be available globally through its unique online delivery methods. Participants will be able to earn the certificate without the need to enroll in a degree-seeking program. The outcome of this certificate will be valuable training in the application of One Welfare in the workplace.

Graduate Training in MS and PhD

  • Using our umbrella programs in local and global ecosystem health and one welfare, we offer numerous opportunities for graduate students to undertake an advanced degree (MS or PhD) in our Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.


More Information:

  • If you are interested in supporting or becoming involved with any of the One Welfare and Sustainability Center initiatives or research, please contact:
    • Madeline Winans, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, 1920 Coffey Rd, Columbus, OH 43210, 614-247-6183,