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AIEERP Projects



  • Gain insight into how antigenic and genomic diversity of influenza A viruses are maintained in wild bird populations.

  • Add to a baseline from which to detect the appearance and emergence of unique or rare genomic segments or constellations that potentially could present an increased threat to animal and human health.

  • Expand the wild bird-origin influenza A virus repository.

  • Submit isolates to JCVI for full length sequencing and subsequent placement of sequence data into GenBank and the IRD for use by scientists around the world.

  • Merge data from previous years to draw conclusions regarding influenza A viruses circulating in wild birds in the Mississippi flyway.



    • Conduct surveillance for influenza A virus circulating among clinically normal swine at agricultural fairs and exhibitions.

    • Conduct diagnostic testing of each sample for the presence of influenza A virus, including virus isolation and RRT-PCR, and maintain a repository of swine-origin isolates.

    • Determine the HA and NA subtypes and submit isolates for full length genomic sequencing and subsequent placement into GenBank and IRD for use by scientists around the world.

    • Evaluate genomic segments to determine differences in the genomic constellations of the recovered viruses.


    Resources: Exhibition Swine at Agricultural Fairs