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Resources: Exhibition Swine at Agricultural Fairs

Want to learn how to help reduce thie risk of zoonotic transmission of influenza A viruses and other diseases while attending agricultural fairs? Look out for our 'Becoming a Swientist' program this summer!

'Becoming a Swientist' is an agricultural education program where 4-H and FFA members can learn how to take increased biosecurity measures during agricutlural exhibitions and at home. These biosecurity measures are used to help reduce the risk of zoonotic transmission of influenza A viruses as well as other zoonotic diseases to keep members and their animals healthy.

After participating in on-site activities and learning about increased biosecurity, members between the ages of 3 and 21 will be able to post 'selfies' of themselves practicing good biosecurity measures. Participants will earn points for their 'selfies' and will be given the chance to win prizes at the end of the summer. 





Want to learn more about influenza A virus at agricultural exhibitions? Check out some of the links and videos below!



Dr. Andrew Bowman - Monitoring pigs at county fairs for Influenza...


Wiping Pig Snouts for Virus Testing