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Programmatic Initiatives

VPH-Biotech Eastern Africa Consortium:

A more active collaborative research and capacity building effort began in early 2007 and a regional workshop and needs assessment site visits by OSU team were conducted in July 2009. The outcome of these activities enabled us the formation of a consortium (VPH-BIOTECH EASTERN AFRICA CONSORTIUM) from five institutes, including three Eastern Africa academic institutes (University of Nairobi, Kenya; Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and Sokoine University, Tanzania) along with OSU (USA) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) located in two campuses: Kenya and Ethiopia. As part of a strategic plan for partnership we also developed a concept note “Sustainable Capacity Building in Veterinary Public Health and Biotechnology in eastern African Academic Institutions: A Collaborative Pilot Initiative”. The major focus of this consortium is capacity strengthening in the areas of food safety, public health and biotechnology.

VPM-UFPB Collaboration:

Since the establishment of collaboration with Federal university of Paraiba (UFPB), a number of professional DVM and MPH-VPH students from OSU have done their study abroad programs. The respective students worked on various projects fro about two months in the area of food safety and zoonoses including MRSA carriage in bovine milk, goat milk quality, pseudomonas in bovine milk, etc in North-eastern Brazil. The students were advised at OSU by Dr. Gebreyes and they had a preceptor (Dr. Celso B. Oliveira) during their stay in Brazil. In addition, our main collaborator from UFPB, Dr. Celso B. Oliveira, spent two weeks (September 2009) as a visiting scientist to work on ongoing and future collaborative research projects between VPM and UFPB.

VPM-VPHCAP Collaborative Activities:

The collaboration was initiated as soon as a former PhD student of Dr. Gebreyes (Dr. Prapas Patchanee) joined the Chaing Mai University as Director of VPHCAP (Veterinary Public Health Center for Asia Pacific). Dr. Gebreyes was invited as a keynote speaker of the regional symposium (Food Safety and Zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific) organized by VPHCAP.

VPM-ULAR Collaboration:

The VPM faculty within the Laboratory Animal Medicine Program have an ACLAM-approved training program which provides specialty training in laboratory animal medicine and prepares candidates to become eligible for the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM) board examination.  During the five years since the program’s inception, we have provided training to veterinarians from Brazil (1) and Thailand (2).  Two of our faculty members traveled to Thailand this last summer for a week to do CE for Bangkok University in support of their animal research program.  Based on this interaction, they have requested to set up a formal agreement which we have agreed to in theory.