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After 28 years of providing veterinary service to the Marysville community, Dr. Frank “Bimbo” Welker will be retiring from practice at the OSU Large Animal Services ambulatory clinic on August 11, 2019. Dr.
CVM PhD graduate student, Dr. Greg Ballash was named as one of the recipients of the C. Glenn Barber Fund for 2019. Greg is a Graduate Research Associate with the Wittum Lab in Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Pathology Resident in Veterinary Biosciences.
Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine faculty
CVM graduate students, Marie Brake, Natalie Celeste and Ben Singh, have been selected as 2019 Foundation Fellows by the
CVM graduate student, Macon Overcast, has been selected for an inaugural fellowship by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR). 
Some students come into veterinary school without knowing shelter medicine even exists. But for Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate, Dr. Amelia Sikora, shelter medicine is all there ever been!
Dr. Mark Flint was awarded $362,708 in research funding to study "Data mining, pen design, stocking density, incubation, ventilation, industry practices and nutrition as keyactors in the successful welfare-orientated production of American alligators."
Dr. Bowman and his AIEERP lab were interviewed by NBC medical correspondent, Dr. John Torres as part of the Today Show 'Flight the Flu' Series.
Dr. Greg Habing and his research team were awarded complementary grants from the USDA and CDC toi do research on educational interventions to improve farm antimicrobial stewardship in dairy and calf production systems.