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VPM News

Dr. Bowman and his AIEERP lab were interviewed by NBC medical correspondent, Dr. John Torres as part of the Today Show 'Flight the Flu' Series.
Dr. Greg Habing and his research team were awarded complementary grants from the USDA and CDC toi do research on educational interventions to improve farm antimicrobial stewardship in dairy and calf production systems.
3rd-year DVM student, Nicholas Lordi, has been invited to present at the Morris Animal Foundation 2019 Scientific Advisory Board Annual Meeting as part of their Veterinary Student Scholars Program.
Dr. Andréia Arruda, has received a 1-year $5,000 grant from the National Pork Board to support her research project entitled, “Investigating distance to slaughterhouse
Dr. Andrew Bowman, Assistant Professor in Veterinary Preventive Medicine, has received a 1-year, $99,468 contract from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
Dr. Vanessa Hale, and research collaborators, Drs. Jiyoung Lee and Barbara Piperata, have received a 2-year, $48,432 collaborative grant to support 50% of a postdoctoral position from the College of Public Health Collaborative Postdoc Researchers Program.
Dr. Vanessa Hale has been awarded a two-year, $48,432 collaborative grant to support 50% of a postdoctoral position from CPH's Collaborative Postdoctoral Researchers Program.
Drs. Rebecca Garabed, Jiyoung Lee and Greg Rempala have published a paper entitled, "Modeling household transmission dynamics: Application to waterborne diarrheal disease in Central Africa," proposing a new analytical method of modeling household diseases.
Dr. Amanda Berrian has received a  $3,390 grant from the Affordable Learning and Exchange Program, which awards grants to instructors who want to transform their courses using open and affordable materials.
Graduate Research Associate, Nicholas Black, BS, MPH-VPH, in the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine has been awarded a Dr. David A. Benfield Student Travel Fellowship to attend the NA PRRS Symposium in December 2018 in Chicago, IL.