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VPM News

Dr. Vanessa Hale has been awarded a two-year, $48,432 collaborative grant to support 50% of a postdoctoral position from CPH's Collaborative Postdoctoral Researchers Program.
Drs. Rebecca Garabed, Jiyoung Lee and Greg Rempala have published a paper entitled, "Modeling household transmission dynamics: Application to waterborne diarrheal disease in Central Africa," proposing a new analytical method of modeling household diseases.
Dr. Amanda Berrian has received a  $3,390 grant from the Affordable Learning and Exchange Program, which awards grants to instructors who want to transform their courses using open and affordable materials.
Graduate Research Associate, Nicholas Black, BS, MPH-VPH, in the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine has been awarded a Dr. David A. Benfield Student Travel Fellowship to attend the NA PRRS Symposium in December 2018 in Chicago, IL.
Dr. Luciana da Costa  has received a 1-year $4,270 grant from the Ohio Dairy Producers Association to support her research project entitled “Evaluation of the use of automated milk feeding systems in Ohio.” 
Dr. Andréia Gonçalves Arruda has received a 2-year $106,959 grant from the National Pork Board to support her research project entitled, “Assessing within-herd PRRS variability and its impact on production parameters."
DrGreg Habing has received a 1-year grant for $151,111 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to support his research project entitled “Mitigating zoonotic transmission of Salmonella Heidelberg in the dairy calf production chain”.
Dr. Mark Flint, Assistant Professor-Clinical in Veterinary Preventive Medicine has received a 1 year, $6,079.50 grant from the Columbus Zoo entitled “Head-start strategies as a tool for restoration in endangered Diadema antillarum.”
Dr. Andrew Bowman's AIEERP Lab was the recipient of the Outstanding Staff Service Award at the College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Appreciation Luncheon this year.
Dr. Habing has received a grant for $41,635 for Novus International, Inc. to support his research project entitled, "Efficacy of a novel probiotic for the prevention of colonization and dissemination of Salmonella Enteritidis in day-old layer chicks."