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A. Global Veterinary Medicine Elective  (VPM693) – one week selective didactic course

This elective course is designed as a preparatory course for veterinary professional and MPH-VPH students who plan to engage in international and non-traditional veterinary medicine and public health arena. Discussion of cultural and intellectual issues when traveling and working in the veterinary field abroad or in non-traditional veterinary medicine practices will be covered. Examination of infectious disease risks, preventative measures, logistics of travel, customs, passport, visa, evacuation, insurance and other issues will be discussed. Adaptation and proper interaction with diverse cultures will be the main emphasis. The class will be very interactive and one day session will be committed to invited federal agencies and others to discuss opportunities in global veterinary medicine.

B. Global Veterinary Medicine Elective - Study Abroad  (VPM693)

Students enrolled in this study abroad course will gain professional as well as cultural knowledge traveling to various parts of the world. The professional values include clinical experience in handling individual and population based disease problems; exposure to research settings, data collection and analysis; taking courses in host institute; interacting with faculty members and students at host institutes; learning the cultural aspects of the host country etc.

Courses for students from other countries

Currently, VPM is working with the Office of international Affairs to develop a series of student exchange programs with partner institutions. Additionally, practical courses that target veterinarians from partner institutions is being developed…