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Dr. Oglesbee named AAAS Fellow

Dr. Michael Oglesbee, chair and professor in the Department of Veterinary
Biosciences, has been named a Fellow of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science
, an international, nonprofit organization founded in 1848 that's dedicated to advancing science for
the benefit of all people. It is the world’s largest general scientific

The tradition of recognizing the scientific contributions of
members through the designation as Fellow began in 1878, and is an honor bestowed
upon AAAS member by their peers. According to The
Ohio State University news release
, Oglesbee is one of six Ohio State
faculty who were named Fellows this year. Nationally, there are 401 members who will
be recognized in February at the AAAS annual meeting in San Jose, Calif.

Oglesbee’s recognition was based upon distinguished
contributions to our understanding of how cellular heat-shock proteins
determine the outcome of viral infection. Studies showed that these cellular
proteins associate with the virus’ genetic information to enhance immune
responses to the virus, resulting in clearance of infection from organs such as the brain. Findings suggest a protective role for fever, a potent stimulus for the
induction of heat-shock proteins, and the mechanism has potential relevance to
a broad number of viruses. The image in the banner illusrates the virus's genetic information that is the target of the heat-shock protein.

Other AAAS fellows in the College of Veterinary Medicine
include Drs. Larry Mathes, Tom Rosol, Pat Green, Kathy Boris-Lawrie and Yasuko
Rikihisa, all in the Department of Veterinary Biosciences.

Dec. 5, 2014


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