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Harry Bartels, BS, DVM

Dr. Harry Bartels completed his BS (1950) and DVM (1954) at The Ohio State University. He was a pioneer in practice ownership becoming a multi-hospital practice owner in Northeast Ohio and was active in organized veterinary medicine.

In 1996, he established the Dr. Harry F. Bartels and Eltha J. Bartels Veterinary Practice Fund to further curriculum of veterinary practice management including training in human resources, financial management, and business marketing for veterinary students and practicing veterinarians.

Thanks to the generous contributions of Harry Bartels, Ohio State has the gold-standard professional development curriculum that exists today. He had the vision to guide and develop core courses within professional development for veterinary students. He provided wise counsel and guidance, as well as financial support to bring in leaders of veterinary practice management to support the professional development of veterinary students. The professional development program has become one of the leading programs in the country and is often studied by other schools developing their own programs.

In 2014, Harry, along with his brother, Dr. Don Bartels, endowed the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Office of Career Management - the first of its kind to offer career services exclusively for veterinary students, alumni, and employers. The Office of Career Management assists students in developing their professional competencies, from career exploration to the final career review. The office offers one-on-one career counseling for both students and alumni, resume and cover letter review, and hosts several events throughout the year to connect alumni and employers with students. All of this would not be possible without the vision and support of Harry.

These are programs the college did not have when Dr. Bartels was a student. However, he realized there was a gap that needed to be filled to ensure our students developed professional and practice management competencies to be practice ready at graduation. Harry Bartels’ commitment to our students has provided them with the professional tools they need to be successful in any field of veterinary medicine. His giving spirit coupled with his ability to anticipate the changing needs of the veterinary profession have brought programs and services to our students that would otherwise not exist.