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Community of Inclusion Partners

The below individuals have participated in the College of Veterinary Medicine Community of Inclusion Certificate Program and have achieved a level of the program by completing various 'experiences'


Partner Level

  • Brenda Arras, Class of 2020
  • Dr. Jennifer Brandt, Veterinary Student Affairs & Admissions ADA, Coordinator Adjunct Faculty - Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard, Associate Dean for Faculty & Staff Affairs, Inclusive Diversity, and Planning
  • Dr. Dondrae Coble, Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Sandra Dawkins, Assistant Director for Admissions, Recruitment, and Events
  • Regina Doss, Class of 2020
  • Morgan Etheridge, Class of 2020
  • Amanda Fark, Director of Career Management
  • Dr. Roger Fingland, Executive Associate Dean and Chief Medical Officer of the Veterinary Medical Center
  • Dr. Carrie Freed, Associate Professor
  • Betsy Gibson, Assistant to the Dean and Assistant to the Associate Dean for Faculty & Staff Affairs, Inclusive Diversity, and Planning
  • Dr. Patrick Green, Associate Dean for Research
  • Maggie Heiar, Class of 2020
  • Dr. Weihow Hsue, Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
  • Dr. Stephen Jones, Small Animal Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Kelsey Kerstetter, Career Advisor
  • Jeffrey Kim, Class of 2020
  • Dr. Sue Knoblaugh, Assistant Professor - Clinical
  • Renne Komula, Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance
  • Briana Lynem, Human Resources Specialist
  • Samantha Maiorano, Class of 2020
  • Dr. Rustin Moore, Dean
  • Joelle Nielsen, Support Services Coordinator
  • Dr. Stefan Niewiesk, Interim Chair, Veterinary Biosciences
  • Dr. Michael Oglesbee, Professor, Associate Director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases
  • Ruben Pabon Padin, Class of 2018
  • April Pugh, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Amanda Signorino, Class of 2019
  • Kacey Smith, Class of 2018
  • Stephanie Sosa, Class of 2019
  • Dr. Liesa Stone, Chief Advancement Officer
  • Robyn Victorine, Registered Veterinary Technician - Anesthesia
  • Christine Walters, Class of 2019
  • Dr. David Wilkie, Chair, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Dr. Jonathan Yardley, Assistant Professor - Clinical
  • Karin Zuckerman, Director, Veterinary Medical Center