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Barbara Trueman, Inaugural Honorary Distinguished Alumnus

For her decades of hard work, amazing generosity, and unwavering dedication to our beloved College we are pleased to recognize Barbara Trueman as the inaugural Honorary Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Mrs. Barbara Trueman has been a lifelong advocate for The Ohio State University where she completed her BS (1961). Barbara and her family have been involved with the College of Veterinary Medicine since 1988 when one of her horses developed an episode of colic that required a referral to our hospital. Barbara took notice of the great work that took place in less than optimal facilities. It was then that she set out to help the college build the Daniel M. Galbreath Equine Trauma and Intensive Care Facility.


In 1998, Barbara and her family endowed the Trueman Chair in Equine Medicine and Surgery, which has enabled excellent research in the area of equine orthopedics and sports medicine. It has also facilitated the advanced research training of numerous equine surgery residents, graduate students, as well as clinician-scientists and post-doctoral fellows.


Barbara was instrumental in helping the college with the construction of the Veterinary Medicine Academic Building. Through a generous challenge program, she matched dollar for dollar the final amount needed to complete the building campaign, and in the process helped us leverage an additional $6 million for our endowment.


She also established the endowed Trueman Innovation Fund, which provides much needed resources to advanced clinical services, teaching and research in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and the Veterinary Medical Center. Her vision led to her establishing this endowment to help maintain state-of-the-art equipment and services to advance clinical veterinary medicine, teaching, and research.


In addition to her remarkable giving spirit and authentic passion to actualize our mission, Barbara has been a trusted advisor to all the deans who have served the college and assisted each with every major fundraising campaign we have undertaken, not only with her philanthropy, but also with her vision, leadership, time, and talent. Today, she continues to work alongside us to help attain our goals and encourage the development of innovative fundraising ideas and programmatic advances. She is co-chair of the “But For Ohio State” Campaign Committee for the College of Veterinary Medicine and gave a substantial leadership gift to the Veterinary Medical Center’s Enhancement and Expansion project.


Barbara’s contributions to our college are inspiring, immeasurable, and everlasting. She has been a phenomenal ambassador and advocate for the College of Veterinary Medicine. It is because of people like Barbara that our legacy will continue to reverberate through generations beyond our own.