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sailboat on calm waters at sunset

Dr. Jennifer Brandt

A mesage from Dr. Jennifer Brandt:

Life happens. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing. Sometimes, you hit rough waters. And other times, it feels like your entire boat has capsized. When the waters are calm, it may seem easy to be grateful for what you have, prioritize health and wellness, and intentionally engage in the world around you. When difficult times occur, you may feel isolated, lose your sense of gratitude, and wonder if things will ever get better. 

In my role as director of Individual and Organizational Development, I offer a nonjudgmental, neutral third-party perspective with the primary purpose of helping you maximize your own individual strengths while navigating difficult waters. I do this by providing individual support services to graduate and professional students on a range of subjects including: depression, anxiety, academic stress, imposter syndrome, enhancing resiliency and mindfulness-based stress reduction. For faculty, staff, interns, and residents, I provide coaching for individuals and teams on subjects including identifying and assisting students in crisis, conflict resolution, effective team communication, giving and receiving descriptive feedback, boundary setting, and reducing compassion fatigue.

To schedule an appointment, please email, provide a brief background of what type of information you are seeking, and indicate your specific days and times of availability. 

Other resources are available at Ohio State. Please refer to this page for additional assistance.