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Graduate Courses in Immunology at OSU

Immunology Roundtable

Number Name Credits Description Co-listing
MICROBIOL 701 Cellular and Molecular Immunology 5 Cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune response, cell recognition and communication, molecular biology of cell recognition structures, cytokines, and effector mechanisms. (Au) MVIMG 701
MICRBIOL 832 Advanced Cellular Immunology 3 Student presentations of primary literature with emphasis on genetic, biochemical, and cellular aspects of signal transduction by receptors of hematopoietic cells. (Au)  
MVIMG 841 Viral Pathogenesis and Oncogenesis 5 Cellular, immunological and molecular mechanisms involved with virus pathogenesis in animals/humans. (Au) VETBIOS 841
IBGP 703.02 Biology of Human Disease III: Host Defense 3 Normal immunological and non-immunological mechanisms of host defense and abnormalities in these mechanisms that lead to the expression of human diseases. (W)  
MICRBIOL 649 Introductory Virology 5 Basic principles of virology with discussion of structures; virus-host cell interactions, detection, production and control; animal bacterial, insect and plant viruses used as examples. (W)  
MOLBIOCH 781 Animal Models of Human Disease 1 Transgenic and knockout mouse technology and examples of models for genetic diseases with each pattern of inheritance. (W)  
MVIMG 804 Instrumentation and Techniques in Molecular Virology. Immunology, and cancer genetics 5 Theory and application of techniques used to purify and characterize nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins; theory and operation of equipment and instruments used. (W)  
MVIMG 833 Current Immunological Techniques 4 Current techniques in cellular and humoral immunology as applicable in research conducted by students. (W)  
PATHOL 847 Cellular Mechanisms and Pathogenesis of Inflammation 3 Inflammatory processes in the human host due to interaction with viruses, bacteria, parasites, foreign antigens, or physical trauma and new immunological therapeutic strategies being developed. (W) MVIMG 847
MVIMG 754 Fundamentals of Molecular Virology 5 Primary emphasis is on molecular biology of animal/human viruses. Covers the strategy of virus replication with special emphasis on the molecular biology of genomic replication and virus gene expression. (Sp) VETBIOS 754