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MPH-VPH Program Graduates 200th Student

We are excited to announce that following Spring 2021 commencement, the MPH-VPH program graduated its 200th student -
Ms. Devon Mendez (2019 Cohort)!

Over the past two years, Devon developed an impressive list of accomplishments, including:

  • acting as the cohort representative,  
  • working on the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Veterinary Education Twinning Program in East Africa, 
  • creating content (as part of her Culminating Project) on outbreak investigations and infectious diseases for the Day 1 Platform sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, 
  • participating in research in Guatemala working on Aflatoxins in the corn supply and the impact on pregnant women, 
  • working as an intern in the Ohio Department of Health – Food Safety Program, 
  • analyzing data for the United Nations – Food and Agriculture Organization regarding antimicrobial use in East Africa (preparing a publication as we speak), 
  • receiving multiple job offers before her defense, some of them as prestigious/competitive as the CDC EIS Fellowship in California, 
  • finally, accepting a job as an Epidemiologist 2 in the Bureau of Infectious Diseases at ODH…  doing all of this while maintaining almost a perfect GPA.   

While Devon's list of extensive accomplishments achieved throughout her time in the MPH-VPH program are impressive, she is just one of our many, many successful alumni who are contributing to the many diverse roles in Veterinary Public Health in Ohio, the USA, and worldwide.

Over the course of 16 years, the MPH-VPH program has graduated several high-quality students that have proceeded into impressive roles such as Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers, Emergency Responders, Veterinary Medical Officers, frontline COVID-19 workers, and many other public health positions. 

Our alumni have worked on many important projects during their time in the program, including, but not limited to, designing and development of Emergency Management Plans for the State of Ohio, creation of Belize's National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, and organizing and executing trainings for state public health officials.

We are so proud of all of our alumni!


To learn more about the MPH-VPH program, please read here.