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Research Fellowships and Externships for Veterinary Students

This site contains information and links to various internal and external fellowships/externships available for veterinary students.

Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program-National Site

Through a supportive, mentored research experience in an established laboratory and through seminars and discussion groups on careers in science, it is hoped that veterinary students will gain an insight on career opportunities in biomedical research.

Veterinary students in their first or second year of veterinary school are encouraged to apply. Programs are typically 10-12 weeks during the summer and held at veterinary schools throughout the US and Canada. Students are eligible to apply to any of the institutions listed with an active Merial Veterinary Scholars Program, regardless of where you are currently enrolled. There are 28 universities listed that are participating in this program.


Stanford Medicine Summer Fellowships

This program seeks to help veterinary students become biomedical researchers. Open to First through Third year veterinary students. Ten veterinary students will be admitted for the summer of 2016. The program lasts 10-12 weeks during the months of (dates are flexible) May through September. Application Deadline is February
More information can be found at Stanford Medicine

CDC-Hubert Global Health Fellowship

The CDC-Hubert Global Health Fellowship provides opportunities for third and fourth year medical and veterinary students to gain public health experience in an international setting. Each year, 10 highly qualified individuals spend 6-12 weeks working in a developing country alongside recognized experts from CDC and other national and international health agencies. Application deadline: February . Hubert Fellowship

Jules and Ruth Cass Clerkship Award in Comparative Laboratory Animal Medicine, Science and Technology

The American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine sponsors a summer fellowship for an Ohio State University veterinary student for the purpose of gaining experience in and/or exposure to the field of laboratory animal medicine. The deadline for submission is February . Any veterinary student interested in this field is strongly encouraged to consider applying for this opportunity.

The experience consists of a paid 12-week summer program administered by the OSU University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR). The fellow will have the opportunity to work with a variety of species including mice, rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, hamsters, and non-human primates. The fellow will gain experience in experimental surgery, various technical procedures, research animal oversight and regulations, administration of a lab animal program, overall operation and facility design of an animal vivarium, and didactic seminars related to clinical care of the research animals, as well as other aspects of laboratory animal medicine.

Selection: Students will be selected based on their CV, letter of intent, copy of transcripts, reference letter and interview. Preference will be given to students with strong academic qualifications and an expressed intent to pursue a career in Laboratory Animal Medicine and/or Research. Materials can be sent to by . Point of contact: Dr Judy Hickman-Davis.

The application deadline is February .  Applicants will have until March 15 to interview with programs; offers may be made at any time during this period and applicants may accept or decline at any time, but applicants will not be required to accept offers until March 18. CASS CLERKSHIP FLYER

The Ohio State University, ASLAP, Laboratory Animal Medicine Summer Externship

University Laboratory Animal Resources at The Ohio State University has an available opportunity for a Summer Extern beginning mid-June 2015. Our 12-week paid program is designed to provide the trainee with a broad exposure to all facets of laboratory animal medicine and its various disciplines including: research, management, clinical medicine, diagnostic services, training, experimental surgery, pathology and phenotyping. This mentorship will allow students to participate in rounds, seminars, clinical cases to include interaction with Researchers, diagnostic work ups, and treatments. Time will be allotted for working directly with a Research mentor which is designed to provide the trainee the opportunity to participate in a clinical research project.

  • Selection: Students will be selected based on a letter of intent, copy of transcripts and letter of reference and interview. Preference will be given to students with strong academic qualifications and an expressed intent to pursue a career in laboratory animal medicine and/or research.
  • A detailed description of the training program expectations is available upon request to
  • Applications should be submitted to:
  •   Applications are due February . Applicants will have until March 15 to interview with programs; offers may be made at any time during this period and applicants may accept or decline at any time, but applicants will not be required to accept offers until March 18.
  • Program Description

Additional Summer Fellowships in Laboratory Animal Medicine

Following are external programs in Laboratory Animal Medicine. They all have a February  deadline.

Johns Hopkins Summer Fellowship Program

Johns Hopkins Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology offers two (2) summer fellowhips to veterinary students. The program focuses on acquiring competence in diagnostic pathology in a wide range of laboratory, domestic and exotic animals. Trainees participate in the animal necropsy service for laboratory animals housed within the University as well as cases from the Maryland Zoo, National Aquarium in Baltimore, and local practitioners. Trainees will perform gross necropsies, trim tissues and make histopathologic diagnoses. Cases are signed out with one of six ACVP Diplomates on faculty.

To be eligible for the fellowship, a student must have completed two (2) years of the professional veterinary curriculum. More information can be found in the following two documents.

HHMI Research Opportunities for Veterinary Students at US Schools
In order to encourage more veterinary students to pursue academic and research careers, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) offers an outstanding year-long training program for students enrolled in the US. Students enrolled in DVM/PhD programs are not eligible to apply. Below are listed opportunities.

1. HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program enables medical, dental and veterinary students at schools located in the US to spend a year conducting basic, translational, or applied biomedical research at any academic or nonprofit research institution in the United States, except federal government agencies. Students select a mentor and prepare a laboratory-based research proposal as part of the application process. Veterinary students' projects must involve comparative medicine. 
2. The Medical Research Fellows Program at Janelia  offers students with an interest in neuronal networking and/or imaging at the cellular and molecular level an intense year-long research training experience, living and working at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus, a world-class research center in the Washington DC area.
3. The Medical Research Fellows Program at K-RITH is targeted to students interested in conducting research in HIV, TB, or co-infection in a state-of-the-art research institute at the heart of the TB and HIV epidemics in Durban, South Africa.

For further information, visit: or email

Nestle Purina's Veterinary Student Summer Research Fellowships

The objective of this program is to provide veterinary students with an opportunity to be involved in research and participate in the advancement of knowledge in canine and feline nutrition and health care. Towards this end, a fund has been established that will provide small grants to faculty members to support a summer salary for a veterinary student as well as funds to support a small, well designed research project. The research is expected to be conducted or coordinated by the student, and of suitable caliber to enable publication in a veterinary or other scientific journal. Funded students will be expected to spend time working on other ongoing projects in the faculty member's laboratory, in addition to their primary research project, so that they may have a broader research experience.

Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to faculty members willing to serve as a supervisor and mentor to the veterinary student. Selection will be based on review of proposals received on or before March 1 of each year. Preference will be given to those studies involving nutritional issues related to the dog and cat. Invasive or terminal research will NOT be funded.

Following is the link with more information, including the application guidelines.

Nestle Purina VSSRF

Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

The Leadership Program for Veterinary Scholars at Cornell University is a unique summer research experience for veterinary students who seek to broadly influence the veterinary profession through a science-bsed career. The program is intensive, research-oriented initiative that combines faculty-guided research with vocational counseling, student-directed learning, and other professional enrichment activities.

Cornell Leadership Program


Wake Forest University School of Medicine - Summer Research Fellowships in Comparative Medicine

The Department of Pathology/Section on Comparative Medicine of Wake Forest University School of Medicine invites applicants from 1st and 2nd year veterinary students for NIH-sponsored Summer Research Fellowships in Comparative Medicine. These positions provide a unique opportunity for structured training in a research-intensive environment, with a focus on comparative disease pathophysiology in nonhuman primates and other species. Research opportunities include internationally recognized programs in aging, development, cardiovascular disease, cancer, regenerative medicine, diabetes, reproductive system disorders, and substance abuse. Wakeforest Summer Fellowships

More information can be found in the following pdf - Training Grant Recruiting Ad 2016