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Alumni Profile - Kathryn Campitelli

Kathryn Campitelli, DVM, MPH

What is your current role?

Veterinary Medical Officer at the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services – Animal Care


In your current position, are you playing a role in the COVID-19 response effort?

Yes, indirectly. As the chair of our Safety & Health Committee, I have been the lead author of a standard operating procedure for inspectors to follow while resuming inspections. This ensures the health and safety of our employees while we return to work during the reopening phases.


What is the main lesson or takeaway that you have obtained during your participation in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

This exercise has solidified the concept of HACCP as a way to identify risks during a process and implement measures to avoid or mitigate them. My normal job duties require me to focus mostly on animal health and welfare, but I value this opportunity to serve my fellow employees and their health in this tumultuous time.


How did the VPH program prepare you for this position? 

The VPH program introduced me to the HACCP system, and encouraged critical thinking and problem solving to promote healthy behaviors. It also introduced me to the organizations which have been the primary sources of information. The basics in epidemiology helped me to read the reports with a critical eye and understand the impact and scope of the data findings. 


Any other comments or pearls of wisdom you would like to share with current students and alumni?

Try to be open to new opportunities, because you never know where they’ll lead you!


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