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Dr. Amanda Berrian Awarded USDA Grant For Graduate Student Training Program

Dr. Amanda Berrian, Assistant Professor in Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Associate Director of the Veterinary Public Health Program, was recently awarded a $136,500 grant from USDA's Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate Fellowships Program for her project titled "Building the Next Generation Veterinary Workforce: A Professional Training Program to Protect the Nation's Agriculture". Dr. Armando Hoet will serve as Co-Investigator on this award.

The goal of this program is the production of three veterinary professionals with advanced technical training in agricultural biosecurity and the proficiency to share their expertise with the sectors involved in the implementation of biosecurity measures. To accomplish this goal, the program will deliver a rigorous, three-year post-doctoral fellowship training program that culminates in a Master of Public Health degree and eligibility for National Board Certification in Veterinary Preventive Medicine.