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Srinivasan, Vijaya Bharathi

<h2>Srinivasan,&nbsp;Vijaya Bharathi,&nbsp;MS, BEd, PhD</h2><h3>Post doctoral Researcher<img align="right" alt="Vijaya" height="238" hspace="5" src="/assets/images/prevMed/GebreyesLaboratory/People/Vijaya.jpg" vspace="5" width="351" />&nbsp;<span style="font-size: small"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'"> </span></span></h3><p><a href="/419.htm" title="Veterinary Preventive Medicine">Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine</a><br />College of Veterinary Medicine<br />The Ohio State University<br />371 VMAB<br />1900 Coffey Road<br />Columbus, Ohio 43210<br />Lab: (614) 292-3412<br />Fax: (614) 292-4142<br />[[EmailLink?;dest=Vijaya Bharathi Srinivasan]] </p><h3>Professional Training and Experience</h3><ul> <li>Post doctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University, 2007</li> <li>PhD Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2006 </li> <li>BEd Gujarat University, 2000</li> <li>Post graduate diploma in Biomedical sciences, 1999</li> <li>MS&nbsp; Gujarat University, 1998</li> <li>BS &nbsp;Gujarat University, 1996 </li></ul><h3>Research Interests</h3><p>The evolution of antibiotic resistances and the emergence of multiple-antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria have been recognized as serious problems that sets hurdles in medical treatment of clinical infections. Antibiotic resistance can be categorized in three types: Natural or intrinsic resistance, Mutational resistance and the Extra chromosomal or acquired resistance (Disseminated by plasmids or transposons). Active<sup> </sup>efflux systems that act synergistically with the outer membrane<sup> </sup>could have a high level of participation in the intrinsic and<sup> </sup>the acquired antibiotic resistance of gram-negative bacteria. Phenotypic studies in <em>Acinetobacter baumannii </em>have shown the bacterium to be multidrug resistant. Besides being resistant to antibiotics they exhibit reduced susceptibility to dyes, and disinfectants. Thus, my research focus is to perform structure and function studies on the MDR efflux pumps and establish their role in the better survival of the bacterium. </p><h3>Links</h3><ul> <li>{{IconPDF}} <a href="/assets/pdf/depts/prevMed/research/infectiousDiseaseLab/CV/vijaya%20CV.pdf">Curriculum Vitae</a> </li></ul>