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Foodborne pathogens, Production Systems and Safety (VPM-722), 4 Credits, Winter Qtr.

This course is offered every year in Winter quarter primarily for Masters of Public Health (MPH) candidates. It is also open to other graduate students in preventive medicine area working towards MSc or Ph.D. degrees

Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious diseases (VPM-700), 3 Credits, Spring Qtr.

This course is offered every year in Spring quarter. It is open to all graduate students and other professionals. The course is one of the elective choices to the Masters of Public Health candidates

Other courses :

Molecular epidemiology course at NCSU
Swine medicine elective

Training and workshops:

Our laboratory (IDMEL) offers short term training to various individuals and groups with a short term arrangements. These include local, national or international professionals. Participants are often sponsored by U.S. federal agencies or their respective government. The trainings primarily focus on DNA fingerprinting methodologies including AFLP, MLST and PFGE and molecular detection systems such as Real-time PCR.

Institutions that we offered training previously include:  Emory University, Duke University, Texas A&M University, Khon-Kaen University, University of Wisconsin at Madison and North Carolina State University.