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Affiliated OSU Faculty

Faculty members of the university who have affiliation with the Infectious Disease Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory.

Affiliated OSU Faculty  

Balada-llasat, Joan-miquel, PharmD, PhD

  • Dr. Balada-llasat's research interests include antibiotic resistance, microbial pathogenesis, and the immune response to pathogens.
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DeGraves, Fred J., DVM, PhD

  • Dr. DeGraves research interests include the phenotypic and genotypic diversity of Campylobacter.
Dr. DeGraves

Gunn, John, PhD

  • Dr. Gunn's research interests include the molecular mechanisms used by Salmonella spp. to survive harsh conditions it encounters within the host.
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Hoet, Armando E., DVM, PhD

  • Dr. Hoet's research interests include the molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Dr. Hoet

Janies, Dan, PhD

  • Dr. Janies' research interests include developing novel phylogenetic methods to correlate genotypes and phenotypes and find diagnostic polymorphisms among organisms.
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Marcon, Mario, PhD

  • Dr. Marcon's research interests include the advancement of diagnosis of pediatric infectious diseases.
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Pancholi, Preeti, PhD

  • Dr. Pancholi's research interests include the molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile
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Rajashekara, Gireesh, DVM, PhD

  • Dr. Rajashekara's research interests include molecular microbiology, virulence mechanisms, and host-pathogen interactions and pathogenesis.
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Slemons, Richard D., DVM, MS, PhD

  • Dr. Slemons' research interests include defining and controlling infectious diseases in avian species.
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Stevenson, Kurt, MD, MPH

  • Dr. Stevenson's research interests include examining strategies to optimize the utilization of antimicrobial agents to prevent the development and spread of resistance.
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Wittum, Thomas E. MS, PhD

  • Dr. Wittum's research interests include the epidemiology of infectious diseases in food animal production systems and preharvest food safety.
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